All Hazard Disaster Preparedness/Crisis Management

Early Alert’s mission is to reduce our client’s risk and mitigate losses from all hazards that may threaten their business or organization. Early Alert accomplishes this mission by providing real-time operational consulting, backed by the most comprehensive preparedness planning and training available today.

The Early Alert Team advises elected officials, CEOs and “C-Suite” leaders during complex emergencies, major disasters, and other disruptions.

Early Alert, Distinction with a Difference

  • Actionable intelligence: Your specific parameters to meet your distinct need.
  • Filtered and aggregated data flow shields your team from irrelevant background noise
  • Concise, informed, and impactful event reporting driven by expert analysis and threat assessment from the 24/7 Early Alert Global Watch Office SMEs.
  • Familiar faces and steady hands of SMEs, who you know and have vetted, up to and including the EA Chief Operating Officer provide live support, as desired.
  • Experience, knowledge, skill, and talent, drawn from a national pool of operations professionals, coordinate, facilitate, and collaborate to augment BCP program resilience during disruption.
  • Adoption of best practices and integration of lessons learned, leveraged by national standards-based conformity to NFPA 1600.
  • Policy development support and programs conceptual framework derived from extensive disaster management knowledge base and professional experience, unavailable elsewhere.
  • All inclusive pricing, with available event-driven scaling.

Early Alert, One Step Ahead!

Qualified Experience

Early Alert’s highly qualified team includes experienced professionals from the public, private, and military sectors who have overseen all aspects of emergency management, business continuity, preparedness planning and training, response and recovery disaster and crisis management for private sector and all levels of Government. Our all hazards “boots on the ground” experience set us apart from others.

Specialist Expertise

Early Alert has delivered specialist expertise during some of the most extreme and damaging sever weather events and man-made disasters in US history, including Hurricane Andrew, which severely devastated portions of South Florida, the Hurricane Katrina causing wide-spread destruction for the Central Gulf Coast, the destructive EF-5 tornado that nearly wiped out the City of Joplin, Missouri, to the terrorist attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon and Boston Marathon.

Industry Leaders

Early Alert has gathered together some of the most recognized authorities in Emergency Management, former FEMA Area 4 Director John Copenhaver and Billy Wagner, one of the original founders of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hurricane Liaison Team (HLT). Our Proven methods and actions testify to the competences we uphold and deliver.

Early Alert has brought together the most experienced and dynamic minds in the emergency management industry. When you partner with Early Alert, your company will be empowered by the collective knowledge and expertise of our entire team. Early Alert is proud to introduce our strategic partners to you, thereby allowing Early Alert, Inc. to provide a total solution for all your emergency management and business continuity needs.

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