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Early Alert’s team of industry leading professionals provide a range of services that cover all aspects of business continuity, situational awareness, emergency management and disaster recovery.

Early Alert deliver qualified all hazard intelligence and support, identifying, preparing, protecting, responding, recovering and mitigating all hazard risk to maintain business continuity, enabling clients to make critical decisions and prevent/reduce losses. We provide support to Emergency Managers, Business Continuity Managers and Risk Managers. Ensuring the continuity of operations by mitigating risk is of paramount importance. In the eventuality of disaster, having both the plan of action and the resources immediately can be the difference between loss of life and substantial financial losses.

Business Continuity

Build, sustain, and improve your capability to Prepare for, Respond to, Recover from, and Mitigate all hazards. We provide comprehensive Business Resiliency Programs & Continuity Management services to ensure your critical business functions continue to operate despite serious incident or disaster interruptions.


Incident Management

We provide IMST’s to support and augment staffing for response and recovery initiatives in order to maintain continuity of operations while effectively managing an incident. IMST specific positions include: Emergency Support Function (ESFs), ICS Operations, Planning, Logistics and Finance/Admin.


Situational Awareness

24/7 monitoring for all extreme hazards including Weather, Earthquakes, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Tsunamis & Major Transportation Incidents covering all your locations. Up-to-the-minute information, Situational Awareness for those responsible for security of complex, dynamic systems in high-risk situations.


All Hazard Services

Ensuring your staff are prepared to respond properly to an emergency in accordance with your disaster plan is essential to successfully weathering a crisis situation. Our all-hazard training services can prepare your organization to deal effectively with emergencies or disasters arising from natural and man-made hazards.


Emergency Management

Early Alert specialize in covering all aspects of Emergency Management, working hand in hand with clients in both the public and private sector to ensure every effort is made to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate threats or impacts of manmade and natural disasters


Extreme Weather

Real-time consulting for all types of weather including inland and coastal floods, winter weather, ice storms, blizzards, wildfires, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones. Our expert analysis gives you more time to mitigate risk and manage potentially threatening and costly hazards as well as in depth Weather Forensic & Post Storm Analysis.


Are you prepared for a disaster?

According to the Association of Records Managers and Administration, about 60% of businesses that experience a major disaster such as a fire close within two years, over 40% of all companies that experience a disaster never reopen.

90% of businesses struck by data loss go out of business in two years0
40% of companies that experience a disaster never reopen0
60% of businesses that experience a major disaster close within two years0

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