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Early Alert’s diverse group of clients include the private and public sector, both domestically and internationally.

The close and collegial relationships we enjoy with our clients through the maintenance of our situational awareness program becomes a natural vector, through which mitigation opportunities, training needs, and enhancements to programs for continuity and resilience are identified, developed, and implemented as part of a logical and well considered budgetary process which reflects an enterprise-wide perspective on operational priorities.

Early Alert has worked on projects of various sizes and scope for both Public and Private sectors in the past 20 years, and we understand the importance of effective and efficient project management and client coordination.


In the years since our incorporation, Early Alert, Inc. has worked with a number of government and private agencies to further their emergency preparedness planning and response capabilities. Early Alert, Inc. has been at the forefront of emergency planning and disaster preparedness throughout the field’s development as a science, a profession, and an industry. The associations we have built with its principle achievers and top minds are integral to our success, and therefore to the success of our clients when they call on our expertise. We are pleased that they will speak to our longevity and legitimacy as a company, the caliber of our work and our work ethic, and the honesty, professionalism and capabilities of our company.


Early Alert’s multi-disciplinary teams, at times working in and partnerships with highly-regarded and accomplished professionals, have guided many clients toward in the establishment of their own successful emergency management programs. Early Alert’s well established and time tested procedures, implemented collaboratively, and in cooperation as part of an efficient program of project coordination assure client success.



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