Integrated Alert and Warning System (IAWS)

Early Alert’s Integrated Alert and Warning System (IAWS) allows us to rapidly notify pre-determined recipients of an impending event that meets your criteria for broadcast

Early Alert send, in-advance, real-time incident alerts and digitized broadcast information to almost any communications device: pager, telephone, two-way radio, and more. We deliver the emergency alerts via text message, email, voice, IM, or website posting, to include all personnel, whatever their communication device and preferred method.

Early Alert, Inc.’s professional Emergency Management team, together with our Meteorology (MET) team, have designed a suite of our standard electronic reports which can be deployed to your management personnel, Emergency Management teams, and staff at all levels to notify them of impending, hazardous events, natural or man-made.

Text Message

SMS Text messages are used as a rapid notification method to ensure nobody is left unaware of an imminent threat. In the case of an unavoidable incident text messages are also a key method to get status updates to and from all affected personnel and gather onsite intelligence.


Emails are utilised to generate reports to warn for long term events. These forecasts are used to manage an upcoming event and mitigate collateral damage. Every email is targeted to that specific recipients role to ensure swift transfer of actionable knowledge.


Phone is utilized to ensure all communication and knowledge transfer is directed to each person as and when they need the intel. Once an event has occurred it is also used to get a safety update of each and every staff member within a company.

Special Reports

Short-Fused Alerts

Special Hazard Reports

Executive Briefs

Daily or Seasonal Outlooks

Situation Reports (Sit-Reps)

Threat Analyses & Assessments


Tailored Report & Specials

Weather Advisories

Confirmed Tornados

Earthquake Occurrence

Active Shooter

Civil Unrest Activity

Critical Infrastructure Disruption

Other Hazard Onsets

IAWS Alerts

Impact Analysis

Windfield reports use precise data summaries key points for wind speed at each asset location. In the case of a rotating storm key points may include maximum wind speed, duration of severe weather, time of impact and distance from the eye of the storm.

Response & Post Incident Analysis

The Executive Brief summarizes all information into key information to give a concise overview of upcoming events. This summary is designed to give the best overall picture to the C-suit level without impacting their schedule.

Global Tropical Cyclone Tracking

We track weather events globally to keep you informed wherever you are based in the world. Global Tropical Cyclone tracking means wherever you are you can have the latest knowledge and forecasts for any cyclone in the world.


E-Alerts provide a brief snapshot of a possible event. These are generated as a rapid response to ensure all personnel are updated with the latest intel so that each person can act on accurate information.

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