Hans K. Wagner, CPM

Co-Founder & CEO

A nationally distinguished emergency response consultant with over 30 years of professional experience in both private and public sectors.

William A. Wagner, III, CEM

Co-Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Wagner is a nationally recognized senior public and private sectors executive with more than 40 years’ experience...

Executive Advisory Team

Andy Eans

Senior Vice President

Chief Advisor; Global Programs Integration; US West Coast and Asia-Pacific, Business Development and Operations; Business Scaling Unit ...

John B. Copenhaver, CBCP

Principal Advisor & Senior Business Continuity Specialist

He was President Clinton’s appointee to the Directorship of FEMA Region IV, its largest regional office, from 1997 to 2001...

William ‘Billy’ A. Wagner, Jr., BS, CEM

Chief Advisor and Senior Emergency Management Specialist

40-year career in emergency management disaster response and planning, particularly with tropical cyclone and severe weather events ...

Kermit Keeter, BA & BS

Chief Advisor Hazardous Weather

30 year NWS career that emphasized winter and severe storms, forecast operations, applied research...

Department Heads

Kyrie S. Wagner, CMC

Client Services | Director

Emergency management profession for over 15 years in municipal lead and department head positions.

Bryan Blankenship, BS, CJM

Environmental Services | Director

35 years of comprehensive experience in meteorology and oceanography, physical and life sciences, weather management and operations ...

Lisa Watson, BBA, P-EMT

Preparedness & Resiliency | Director

Lisa Watson has been in the emergency management profession for over 30 years, including a Emergency Management Director ...

Bob Koenig

Response & Recovery | Director

30+ years incident and emergency management experience and member of the Southern Area Red Type 1 Incident Management Team ...