True to our motto, Early Alert is “Bridging the Gap between Government and the Private Sector” by providing an indispensable service with the highest level of expertise and professionalism in the industry

Early Alert assists public and private sector organizations in identifying threats that could impact their operations and in developing effective continuity managing programs. Our pre- and post-disaster services include developing or updating emergency management, contingency and business continuity plans, training and exercise programs, interoperability analysis and planning, and situational awareness. Early Alert also provides on-site assistance in the event of a disaster, including incident management assist teams to support response and recovery objectives. These include: damage assessment, debris monitoring and management, mass care, resourses mobalization and FEMA Public Assistance (PA).

Additionally, we provide strategic advisory services to government agencies and Fortune 500 companies including the following businesses and industries; retail, financial, home improvement, utilities, hospitality, and emergency management.

Our specialties include:

Comprehensive Emergency Management Preparedness, Planning, Response and Recovery

Continuity of Operations

Continuity of Government

Public Assistance Pilot Program Debris Management Planning

Strategic Deployment & Comprehensive Resources Support including Air Bridge Logistical Support for Resource Mobilization

Special Hazard Assessments, Risk & Gap Analysis, Evaluations & Research Studies

Disaster / Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs

Interoperable Communications Evaluations, Strategic Analysis & Master Planning

CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Needed Assessments, Gap Analysis, Planning, Training and Response Support

All Hazard Situational Awareness & Decision Making Support

All Hazard Training to include Hands-on, Tabletop & Full-Scale Exercises

Specialized Suite of E-Products

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