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Our Newest Crisis Management Capability—Launching EarlyAlert’s SmartSuite Platform

We live in a hyperconnected world, and the line between order and chaos is thinner than ever. Organizations are recognizing the critical need for advanced yet swift crisis management solutions that can keep pace with the unpredictability of modern threats.  

EarlyAlert is providing a solution in its most advanced technology capability, SmartSuite. SmartSuite enables organizations, communities, and government entities to use the best possible crisis/disaster management approach available today. 

SmartSuite isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic partner crafted from EarlyAlert’s half-century of frontline experience and innovative spirit. It’s designed to not only respond to emergencies but to anticipate and neutralize them before they even escalate. With its suite of smartly integrated applications—Situational Awareness, Communicator, Resiliency Manager, and Admin Module—SmartSuite offers a distinct advantage over its competitors: a centralized hub for monitoring, responding, managing, and recovering from the spectrum of crises and hazards. 

This isn’t just about staying informed; it’s about staying steps ahead in a world where each second can make a difference between stability and disruption. SmartSuite by EarlyAlert encapsulates the future of crisis management: intelligent, responsive, and uncompromisingly reliable. 

Challenges Addressed by SmartSuite 

SmartSuite steps into the fray where crisis management challenges loom large, facing a stark reality where disruptions are not a matter of if but when. With U.S. losses from weather and climate disasters soaring to $92 billion in a single year, the questions for businesses grow more urgent: 

  • Can operations bounce back from the unpredictability of emergencies? 
  • How do we protect and prevent the profound sorrow of lives lost during disasters? 
  • In what ways can we shield our facilities from nature’s fury, which claimed not only 492 lives but also caused a staggering $92 billion in damage in just one year? 
  • What’s our move when storefronts darken and sales flatline, leaving foot traffic a memory? 
  • How do we break through the barriers of ineffective communication and turn it into effective collaboration? 
  • Are our people trained to not just endure but thrive amidst chaos? 

SmartSuite is EarlyAlert’s tactical response to the modern-day requirements of crisis management. Our subject matter experts and a team of more than 30+ years of on-ground experience have engineered this platform to turn the aforementioned challenges into checklists of success. It’s not just about managing crises—it’s about rewriting the narrative from survival to resilience rather than disruption to closure. 

Exploring SmartSuite Applications 

Situational Awareness 

The Situational Awareness application offers a dynamic, real-time view of the environment, crucial for early detection of potential threats. This capability enables organizations to act swiftly in mitigating risks, reducing the likelihood of severe impact on operations and assets. 

The Situational Awareness application equips organizations with: 

  • Real-time threat monitoring using Common Operational Picture 
  • Hazard forecasting and timely alert for 20+ crisis events 
  • Live weather outlook and situational awareness  
  • Admin panel synchronization 

It addresses the challenge of maintaining situational awareness in complex, fast-evolving scenarios, ensuring decision-makers have the necessary information to respond effectively. 


Communicator streamlines mass communication, allowing for the rapid dissemination of information through email, SMS, and voice messages. It includes features for conducting polls, managing recipient groups, and ensuring secure communication with end-to-end encryption, making it an essential tool for crisis coordination and stakeholder engagement. 

Communicator’s key features include: 

  • Multi-channel mass messaging (email, SMS, voice) to up to 100,000 respondents 
  • End-to-end encryption and cloud storage for enhanced security  
  • Recipients, groups, and geofencing for targeted communications 
  • Polling and feedback collection 

Communicator addresses the challenge of reaching all relevant stakeholders quickly and efficiently during a crisis. By enabling mass communication across various channels, it ensures that critical information is disseminated promptly, reducing confusion and enabling coordinated response efforts, which is essential for maintaining operational continuity during emergencies. 

Resiliency Manager 

The Resiliency Manager application focuses on streamlining the incident response, management, and recovery process, all through an integrated, robust platform. It addresses the challenge of managing complex, multi-faceted crises by providing tools for creating detailed action plans and coordinating resources effectively, thus enhancing the organization’s ability to recover swiftly from disruptions. 

Resiliency Manager offers:  

  • Corporate action plan development 
  • Operator-level mobile application 
  • Live event and resource management 
  • Integration with crisis management systems 

It addresses the challenge of managing complex, multi-faceted crises by providing tools for creating detailed action plans and coordinating resources effectively, thus enhancing the organization’s ability to recover swiftly from disruptions. 

Admin Module 

The Admin Module serves as the operational backbone of SmartSuite, facilitating product distribution, communication management, and resource allocation. It provides comprehensive control over business units, locations, and user roles, ensuring that every aspect of the crisis management process is seamlessly integrated and effectively managed. 

The Admin Module provides:  

  • Product and service distribution management 
  • Action plan and communication control 
  • Business unit and location management 
  • Resource and platform administration 
  • Roles, permissions, and user settings customization 
  • Event logging and audit trail 

This module solves the challenge of managing and integrating various crisis management functions. It allows for the centralized control of resources, communications, and operational plans, ensuring a unified response strategy that aligns with the organization’s overall objectives and compliance requirements. 

Intra-Applications Integration 

The integration of these applications within SmartSuite forms a cohesive ecosystem, enabling seamless coordination and information sharing across different aspects of crisis management. This synergy ensures that organizations can respond to and recover from emergencies more effectively, with each application complementing the others to create a robust, comprehensive crisis management solution. 

SmartSuite Applications in Various Industries 

Retail and Food/QSR 

In a scenario where a fast-food chain faces supply disruptions due to severe weather, SmartSuite can orchestrate a unified response. It ensures effective communication between suppliers, stores, and customers, minimizing operational downtime and maintaining service standards. 


Consider an airport managing emergency landings and delays due to unexpected fog. SmartSuite enables real-time coordination of ground staff, air traffic control, and airlines, enhancing safety and minimizing disruption. 

Energy Sector 

During an oil spill or gas leak, SmartSuite provides the energy sector with tools for immediate incident response, coordinating cleanup efforts, and communicating with regulatory bodies, thus safeguarding the environment and public health. 


For government agencies dealing with a natural disaster, SmartSuite facilitates integrated response strategies, resource allocation, and public communication, ensuring efficient disaster management and community support. 

Banks and Finance 

In a financial crisis or cyber-attack, SmartSuite helps banks and financial institutions manage the situation with robust communication channels, secure data management, and continuity planning, preserving customer trust and financial stability. 

Concluding, SmartSuite by EarlyAlert epitomizes the next chapter in crisis management, offering a all-round, integrated platform that empowers organizations across various industries to effectively navigate and overcome crises. With its advanced tools and applications tailored for situational awareness, communication, resiliency, and administrative control, SmartSuite ensures that businesses are not only prepared for emergencies but also equipped to respond and recover swiftly, maintaining operational continuity and safeguarding their future in an unpredictable world. 

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