Situational Awareness

24/7 global monitoring for all extreme hazards including Weather, Earthquakes, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Tsunamis and Major Transportation Incidents covering all your locations. Up-to-the-minute information, Situational Awareness for those responsible for security of complex, dynamic systems in high-risk situations.


Incident Management

We provide Incident Management Support Teams (IMST’s) to support and augment staffing for response and recovery initiatives in order to maintain continuity of operations while effectively managing an incident. IMST specific positions include: Emergency Support Function (ESFs), ICS Operations, Planning, Logistics and Finance/Admin.


Emergency Management

Early Alert specializes in covering all aspects of Emergency Management, working hand in hand with clients in both the public and private sector to ensure every effort is made to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate threats or impacts of manmade and natural disasters.


All Hazard Services

Ensuring your staff are prepared to respond properly to an emergency in accordance with your disaster plan is essential to successfully weathering a crisis situation. Our all-hazard planning and training services can prepare your organization to deal effectively with emergencies or disasters arising from natural, man-made and technological hazards.


Continuity Services

Build, sustain, and improve your capability to Prepare for, Respond to, Recover from, and Mitigate all hazards. We provide comprehensive Business Resiliency Programs & Continuity Management services to ensure your critical business functions continue to operate despite serious incident or disaster interruptions.


Extreme Weather

Real-time consulting for all types of extreme weather including severe thunderstorms and tornados, inland and coastal floods, winter weather, ice storms, blizzards, wildfires, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones. Our expert analysis gives you more time to mitigate risk and manage potentially threatening and costly hazards as well as in depth Weather Forensic & Post Storm Analysis.


With Early Alert… Resiliency Pays!

A fusion of Business Practices and Methods.
Not just an administrative expense!


  • Real-time resiliency
  • Leveraging lessons learned and best practices
  • Survive, adapt and grow regardless of the disruption experienced
  • Monetizing resiliency


Working together to build, sustain and improve your capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate all hazards.

Early Alert delivers an enterprise-wide and highly resilient disaster preparedness/crisis management capacity to all of our clients worldwide.


Working together, we build, progressively enhance, and institutionalize a sustainable culture of readiness and resiliency where the avoidance and mitigation of disruption is experienced as a normal operating process.

Early Alert clients have a global footprint and daily exposure to every hazard.

We share, and we teach the practical skills necessary for an all hazards operational competency, in matters of preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation of the vulnerabilities which lead to disruptions within the enterprise and its supply chains. The integration of Early Alert methods and practices consistently produce a net positive in terms of revenue, which is orders of magnitude greater than any investment directed toward receiving the full benefit of an Early Alert partnership.

“Boots on the Ground Experience!”

Early Alert principles offer direct and first-hand command and control experience from more than fifty catastrophic events, over the span of forty years. These lifetimes well spent provide value that is unavailable elsewhere. There is no substitute for practical experience. Early Alert clients are in unanimous agreement on this point.

Are you prepared for a disaster?

According to the Association of Records Managers and Administration, about 60% of businesses that experience a major disaster such as a fire close within two years, over 40% of all companies that experience a disaster never reopen.

90% of businesses struck by data loss go out of business in two years0
40% of companies that experience a disaster never reopen0
60% of businesses that experience a major disaster close within two years0

Be prepared

Severe Disruptions can seriously harm business operations, be prepared with Early Alert’s CEMP.

The proprietary Early Alert (EA) management system referred to as the “EA CEMP, Comprehensive Emergency Management Program” is a distributed platform with four core competencies: Situational Awareness, Emergency Management, Continuity Services, and Restorative Governance. These functions are delivered by highly experienced and universally esteemed scientists, experts, and practitioners in their respective fields. This includes independently operated business units in London, UK, and Dublin, Ireland which comprise the core EA technology function, and the scientist/inventor of a patented device which provides highly accurate forecasts of severe weather by measuring electrical discharges in the atmosphere.

Constant State of Readiness

Operating in a constant state of readiness requires live up-to-the-minute intelligence covering all potential disruptive threats. With the Comprehensive Emergency Management Program you will be ready for every eventuality and up-to-speed on what is going on, where and with the maximum warning time possible for any business disruption event.

Rapid Response & Recovery

With Early Alert’s products and services you will have a detailed emergency response plan ready to instantly kick into action to protect all of your locations, people and assets. An immediate response with clear lines of communication with a thorough emergency plan is critical to reducing operational downtime and minimizing all potential losses.

Save Lives, Assets and Time

Every second counts. The most damage and loss of life occur between a disruption event and when a full emergency response is under way. Early Alert’s products and services ensure a constant state of readiness  with the resources and plan to respond immediately. When others are losing time and money in the throws of recovery, Early Alert clients are back up and running.

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