5/25/2012 Tropical Update – Bud weakening but expected to make landfall, Eyes on the Atlantic for the weekend

Hurricane Bud briefly underwent rapid intensification to a category 3 with 115 mph max sustained winds. This however didn’t last long as the storm is now interacting with land and cooler waters. Bud is back down to a category 1 with 80 mph max sustained winds as it begins to near the MX coast as of  11am PDT. It is becoming apparent that the likely greatest concern will be inland flooding and mudslides as torrential rains drench elevated terrain. The storm will then rapidly dissipate over the weekend.

In the Atlantic all eyes are on Invest 94L northwest of the Bahamas as it stands a good chance of developing into a tropical system. It is certainly not what Memorial Day weekend travelers would like to see, but it is a possibility. Chances stand at 70% within the next 48 hours. If this storm does develop it could bring soaking rains to GA and SC. Stay tuned!

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